Ahead of his performances in Guitarra, the Australian guitarist chats about his most recent recording projects.

Who are the musicians (guitarist or otherwise) who have really inspired you across your career and why?

Thankfully this is a constantly growing list. It is however impossible for me to single a few musicians out and to say why they are more inspiring while not mentioning others… there are simply too many and from different musical genres. Here’s a (very) short list of guitarists only. If I looked outside of the guitar world we’d need a few pages… Paco de Lucia, Julian Bream, Pat Metheny, Ralph Towner, Rafael Rebello, Baden Powell, John Williams, Manuel Barrueco…

Slava Grigoryan Slava Grigoryan

The Bach Cello Suites disc was your first solo recording in 15 years – for you, how different are the musical challenges of performing/recording solo to with other musicians? Do you prefer one over the other?

I generally prefer collaborating with others – hence the 15 year gap! The interaction and collaborative energy that’s generated to create a piece of music in a group is very exciting to me, much more so than playing on one’s...

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