While the Australian composer doesn’t identify as Christian, for him, the mass is much more than worn out ritual.

Ross Edwards’ Mass of the Dreaming: Missa Alcherapremiered in 2009 and in October this year it will have its first performance in Sydney. Catching up with the composer, I began by asking him if, looking back now after seven years, the works feels any different.

“I haven’t heard it much,” admits Edwards. “It’s only had the premiere in Brisbane and then a couple of abortive attempts to record it. That has now actually happened – the CD is out and I’m looking forward to hearing that.”

Ross Edwards, photo © Bridget Elliot

“It’s changed slightly,” he says. “We’ve refined it. I was at the rehearsal for the recording and I find that I just keep constantly changing and evolving it in small ways, just bringing it up to date.”

The Mass was composed to mark the 150th anniversaries of the state of Queensland and the Anglican and Catholic Diocese of Brisbane, as well as the completion of St John’s Cathedral. “I didn’t quite know what I was doing when I was asked to...

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