The Queensland tenor talks all things Cavarodossi in the lead up to State Opera South Australia’s latest staging.

Was there a lot of music in your house growing up?

I wouldn’t say an overabundance. My parents weren’t into any specific type of music, they had pretty wide tastes. There was a fair bit of Italian music of that era – 70s and 80s – in my household. There was a little bit of opera, they like Mario Lanza movies – so do I – but I wouldn’t say there was an overabundance.

When were you introduced to singing?

I had some singing lessons when I was quite young. I started having lessons around seven years old, just singing little pop songs and I did talent quests around the place.

Rosario La Spina will sing  Tosca in South Australia

Were you attracted to classical music or opera at that time?

When I would see people like Mario Lanza singing, I would think, “Wow, that looks very difficult.” I was impressed – I didn’t know why – by what they did. Him and Pavarotti. I was very interested. I thought it was very difficult and I tried to mimic...

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