You grew up in a musical family. Can you tell us about the instruments your parents played and how old you were when they introduced you to musical instruments?

One of the advantages (or indeed, blessings) of having musical parents was that there was no formal introduction point. There was always a piano in house and several harps, so it was natural that I drifted towards them. My mother is a harpist and my father a trombonist, but they both have wide and varied careers. After I was born, the first place I was taken outside of the home was to Music Row in Nashville, where my mom was recording and working as a session musician and my dad as a producer and orchestrator. These days my parents teach, compose and run a small publishing business.

Parker Ramsay Parker Ramsay. Photo supplied 

Did you always love music, and practice happily, or did you ever consider rebelling and doing something completely different?

Going to Cambridge for my undergraduate degree was a very freeing experience, especially in being given the ability to pursue a...

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