Despite the untimely and inconvenient demise of the CD, Cyrus Meher-Homji of Australian Eloquence knows all about the tastes of serious collectors. His internationally celebrated Eloquence line continues to issue discs, and now boxes, combing the extensive Universal back catalogue. Emerging from coronavirus-shrouded mists comes a new batch.

Eugen Jochum Eugen Jochum (1902–1987)

First, three boxes. Eugen Jochum (1902–1987) began his musical career as an organist, and literally became a Kapellmeister. That term can mean a routine time-beater, but Jochum transcends any negative stereotype. Overshadowed during his career by more recognisable personalities – the Karajans, Klemperers and Bernsteins – his deep musicality consistently produced strong, straightforward performances. His overlooked recordings should be treasured, especially when (as here) his orchestra is the luxuriant Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. The Philips releases in this set from the 1960s and...

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