Vinyl continues its retro comeback; new releases as well as old favourites are appearing in limited LP editions. The latest vinyl reissue to come my way is a 1968 recording of Richard Strauss’s Don Quixotewith cellist Jacqueline du Pré. Sir Adrian Boult conducts the New Philharmonia Orchestra.

Jacqueline du Pré, Reissues Round-Up Jacqueline du Pré. Photo © Warner

This 180G pressing is superior to the mass-produced stock of the LP era and the sound comes up warm and rich, although it is not pure analogue as it’s taken from the 1995 digital remastering. On the minus side, the piece starts quietly and intrusive clicks and pops remind me why CDs were considered an improvement for classical music. Du Pré brings utter commitment to her characterful solos, but Boult at this late stage was not always the most dynamic of conductors. One for nostalgia buffs, even though the HMV dog ‘Nipper’ has long...

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