Do you recall the first time you heard Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik?

I would say it’s almost impossible for this work to have escaped the consciousness of anyone who grew up in western civilisation during the last century – even without having attended a single classical music concert. It’s so profoundly enmeshed in popular culture, through jingles, music boxes, film soundtracks etc. that it seems there was never a first time!

Joe Chindamo. Photo supplied

When you were first approached by Perth Symphony Orchestra about the commission, what were your first thoughts? Did you feel daunted by the task?

There is no greater compliment for a composer than to be entrusted with creating something new for an exceptional group of musicians – a work they can give birth to and be forever associated with. As such, I approach every commission with a profound sense of responsibility coupled with an almost religious frenzy that lasts till the final note has been written.

There are many things I’m daunted by, some of them are even musical in nature, but composing is a fearless realm for me: it’s my happiest of places, and the more challenging the project, the...

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