The Polish pianist has a reputation for refinement of repertoire and perfectionism and, for Anderszewski, it’s not just about the music he likes, the composers have to like him back…

Did you have a musical childhood?

Well, it depends what you mean by musical. My family were definitely music lovers, particularly on my father’s side. They were listening to lots of music, going to concerts, and I always heard discussions and comments about music, but they were not professional musicians. There was an old piano at home and that’s how it started for me.

When did you know that being a pianist was what you wanted to do?

I still haven’t figured this out. It just came naturally and I still actually question whether this is something I really want to do. It’s not as simple a thing as being a matter of choice. Sometimes these things impose themselves. Of course I’m enormously privileged and happy to be doing this, even if there are moments of doubt, but this is a part of my nature so I guess anything I would do I would doubt.

It’s interesting you mention doubt. At...

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