For many, the world of opera is intimidating and perplexing. It is one of etiquettes, foreign languages, and music from long ago. When can I clap? How will I know what they’re saying? Will I even be able to follow the plot?

Music student Heathcliffe Auchinachie who agreed to visit the Opera for One performance of Turandotfor Limelight. Photograph supplied

These questions may be familiar to you if you’ve considered attending the opera for the first time. But perhaps a bigger concern for many is the prospect of having to attend by yourself. I’m sure there was a time when one could attend by themselves and neither they or anyone else would’ve considered this out of place. However, with modern society’s need for ceaseless communication and updates on people’s day to day lives, the idea of going to anything alone, never mind the opera, can be daunting – and understandably so.

Opera Australia conducted some research exploring this very issue. According to the survey, the number one thing that holds people back from attending is “No one to go with” as cited by 21 percent of those surveyed. Additionally, 76 percent of solo...

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