The Finnish violinist and Austrian pianist fire questions at each other for the Musica Viva Festival.

Do great musical minds think alike? Ahead of their appearances in the Musica Viva Festival, violinist Pekka Kuusisto and pianist Christoph Eggner (of the Eggner Trio) ask each other the big questions: about influences, improvising, chamber music, and the merits of Tasmanian oysters vs Viennese schnitzel.

Christoph Eggner interviews Pekka Kuusisto

What are your thoughts on Finnish tango?

I deeply enjoy playing it. I can’t really dance though. A composer called Unto Mononen is the king of this kind of music – or was – he drank himself to death at the age of 37. His song Satumaais the perfect guide into the world of Finnish tango.

Have you ever been to the northernmost point of your country? What was it like?

Yes, I go at least once a year to the Pallas National Park in Muonio, Lapland. The landscape is very much in legatothanks to the ice age; all the shapes are long and slow. One can find complete peace there and the fact I have not been there for a year now drives me up the wall.

As a musician in Finland, have you come into...

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