From sultry Kate Bush to the gruff bellow of Tom Waits, Carpenter’s record collection is as dazzling as his wardrobe.

There isn’t a shred of classical music on Cameron Carpenter’s list of Desert Island Discs, but the virtuoso organist certainly doesn’t give much thought to genre divides. His selections range from upbeat 1980s pop to avant-jazz and go some way to explaining the glam inspiration behind his own striking fashion sense.

Cameron Carpenter is the Interview subject in the June issueof Limelight. During his Australian tour he plays the Poulenc Organ Concerto with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (June 22 and 25), and gives a recital at the Sydney Opera House (June 30).

Missing Persons
Spring Session M

Listen to: Tears
Why I love it:If listening casually, this might seem at first terribly dated. But in fact it’s a very intense cross-section of a lost time. More than “the 80’s”, this music captures an aesthetic that would probably be impossible for anyone to recreate convincingly. It’s one of those strange moments in music.

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