On International Women’s Day 2019, ABC Classic released Women of Note – the first in a new series of albums shining a light on Australian female composers. In launching the series in Limelight I wrote about the multiple goals of the project: to celebrate composers of the past who have been unfairly neglected; to give prominence to composers today who deserve greater exposure; and to create a space to showcase emerging composers, to ensure that new compositions aren’t merely heard once in the concert hall and then filed away in a drawer until their 25th anniversary.

Margaret Sutherland Margaret Sutherland, one of the composers featured on Women of Note, Volume 2

In the 12 months since, I have been overwhelmed by the response. Composers have written to tell me of recordings of their works buried in the ABC archives; musicians have contacted me with exciting, audacious proposals for recording projects dedicated to Australian female composers; listeners have contacted me to ask where they can hear more. It has been such a joy to see so much enthusiasm for this project.

Perhaps my favourite moment came from...

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