How did you come to play the trumpet?

I chose the trumpet because I subconsciously really liked the sound. While watching cartoons like Tom & Jerryand Looney Tunes(the old classics with real orchestras playing on the soundtracks), I was fascinated by the music and loved the trumpet sound. I was 11 when I decided to pick it up.

Miroslav Petkov Miroslav Petkov. Photo courtesy of Southern Cross Soloists

Who were your biggest musical influences as a young musician?

I was lucky as a kid to be the youngest in a very active musical environment, so I was influenced by older musicians who were very actively exploring music. I was exposed to a lot of genres and learnt to listen to the music. I was able to constantly improvise and play with the local musicians in my city since a young age.

Were there any recordings or live performances that particularly inspired you?

Before and during playing trumpet as a kid, I listened to a lot of Queen. But I also listened to a lot of folklore and classical music. I had a few cassettes of Maurice André and Timofei Dokschitzer, who were the biggest trumpet inspirations for...

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