The Montenegrin musician who is conquering the world (and the charts) with an Aussie instrument.

A London-based Montenegrin meets an Australian expat in Paris to talk about Spanish music. Don’t say Limelightdoesn’t do cultural diversity. In the second arrondissement, I head down a quaint passage famous for its little mosaic tiles, and realise I’m running late for my tête-à-tête with Miloš in a neighbouring apartment building.

He’s cool about it. Greeting me like an old friend, he remarks that I’ve had a third tattoo inked since our last encounter in Sydney two years earlier. I try not to blush. Meanwhile, he drapes himself over a red velvet seat, the wintry Parisian light streaming through the window across his leather jacket and jeans, and onto the guitar case leaning against the canapé. Judging by the extensive photo shoot for his latest disc of Spanish concertos, Miloš’s favourite pastime (apart from playing the guitar, of course) is squinting alluringly in the sun. The artfully rustic snaps that grace the album Aranjuez,named for the town that inspired Joaquín Rodrigo’s most famous piece of music, were actually taken in nearby Toledo, but evoke the same Mediterranean joie de vivre.You can...

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