When did you first take an interest in classical music?

From the age of seven. I fell in love with my piano teacher, Margaret Horton-Fawkes, and from then on wanted to become a concert pianist. In my senior years at school I was taught by a wonderful man called Duncan Cedric Hammond-Chambers-Borgnis, but after ploughing my way through Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No 1 in B Flat, I realised I’d never make the concert stage and after school went off to play the piano in a nightclub in Vienna.

How did you become involved in broadcasting?
By accident. I was working as a journalist in London’s Fleet Street, when I got an offer to join the BBC. I spent five years in television with them before coming to Australia and joining ABC Radio. A further five years spent with Caroline Jones doing City Extra on 2BL, before leaving to work in theatre and films, and then finally back to the medium I love, radio, with 2MBS (now Fine Music 102.5).

Michael Morton-Evans Michael Morton-Evans and composer Ann Carr-Boyd. Photo © Fine Music 102.5

Do you remember your first interview for In Conversation?

To be perfectly honest, no....

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