Everyone likes a good Requiem. The form, based originally at least on the Latin Requiem Mass has been fodder for much music-making, from Mozart to Sculthorpe, and Requiems have become a mainstay of the concert hall. Sydney Philharmonia Choirs’ sing Dvořák’s contribution to the genre this weekend while the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have been having a bit of a Requiem extravaganza recently, with Requiems from the famous Verdi (which has also been done recently in Brisbaneand Sydney) to Deborah Cheetham’s Eumeralla. The MSO Chorus is also doing Brahms  Ein deutsches Requiem in October. Limelightjumped on the Requiem bandwagon, with Clive Paget’s look at great Requiemsearlier this year.

Margaret Throsby Margaret Throsby. Photo courtesy of ABC Classic

The enthusiasm for Requiems is showing no signs of dying. Margaret Throsby and ABC Classic are getting in on the action, with a five-day series in the 1pm slot presenting Throsby’s favourites. “I was ruminating about the fact that people, audiences, say they love listening to Requiems,” Throsby tells Limelight. “You know, you put a Mozart Requiem on at in the Opera House and everybody goes. Choirs say they love...

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