This Mother’s Day, Lucy Durack will peform in a concert called Here’s to the Ladies with Rhonda Burchmore, Alinta Chidzey, Amanda Harrison and Queenie van der Zandt. Directed by Tyran Parke, it will be performed at Melbourne’s MEMO Music Hall and live streamed from there. The ladies will sing songs from musicals they have been in, as well as other songs specially chosen for Mother’s Day. You will find more details in this week’s In Your Living Room: Theatre and Musical Theatre column. Durack spoke to Limelight about coping with COVID-19, Mother’s Day, and performing in Here’s to the Ladies.

Lucy Durack. Photograph supplied

You were playing Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical in Melbourne when the rest of the tour was cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions. How did that feel?

It was such a shock, as the whole thing was for the whole world. It was a shame also [because], as much as I had an educated guess from my own news watching, we weren’t told it was the last show until the next day so we never really got to say goodbye.

How have you been coping with the isolation? I guess having two young children and your husband Chris Horsey with you, it is perhaps a lovely time rather than a difficult one?

It has mostly been really lovely, it has been hectic as our kids are at ages that require a lot of attention but that has also been lovely in and of itself. Chris made Polly an incredible cardboard cubby that has now been up in part of our living room for about a month! Chris and I have done a lot of cooking, some of it with Polly, and we have gone for a LOT of family walks/scoots/bike rides ­– who knew walks would be such a hit occasion?!

Do you usually do something special to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Yes, if I can’t be with my own Mum, I like to spend a good portion of the day with her on the phone, and Chris and the kids usually do something nice with me. The kindy/daycare handmade treat is always my favourite part of the whole shebang.

What do you have planned this year? Apart from the concert of course!

I will just hang out with my little family and FaceTime my mum who is in Perth and then get ready to do the concert.

What was your first response when Tyran Parke asked you to take part in the Here’s to the Ladies Mother’s Day concert alongside Rhonda Burchmore, Alinta Chidzey, Amanda Harrison and Queenie van der Zandt?

What a great group of women! I was just excited at the thought of seeing them all and it being deemed ‘work’ so we could see each other in person, something I haven’t really done in about two months!

What are you looking forward to most about the event?

Hanging out with my friends, hearing them sing, and getting to sing with them in a couple of group numbers.

What will you sing?

I am going to sing Princess, the song my friend Matthew Robinson wrote for me a few years ago, another solo, and a very well-known duet that I have sung with one of my fellow ladies many time before onstage. [We suspect she might be referring to Wicked!].

Will you talk with the other ladies beforehand about the patter between you or will that be spontaneous?

Oh good question, I assume a little bit of both!

Will you be getting dolled up? Or keeping it quite casual?

I imagine we will embrace the opportunity to get a little dolled up, as I have spent such a lot of time (happily) in tracksuits and sneakers for the last couple of months, so getting dolled up will be a bit of a novelty.

Have you been to the MEMO Music Hall before?

No, I am looking forward to seeing it!

How important do you think it is that events like this are taking place – for audiences, and for performers?

It is a lovely treat to get the chance to do something like this and hopefully it will be a treat for our audience as well!

Here’s to the Ladies will be live streamed from Melbourne’s MEMO Music Hall on Sunday May 10 at 7.30pm

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