Unique Perth-based opera company prepares to unveil The Emperor of Atlantis.

Lost And Found Opera was the toast of the Perth Fringe Festival this year following their presentation of Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine. The French existential opera was staged in a hotel room and limited to an audience of less than fifteen for each of its performances, and was regarded by critics as a “Tour-de-force”. The production was something wild and new for Perth audiences, proving that Lost and Found Opera was anything but conventional, existing to fill in the blanks between our understanding of what contemporary opera could and should be.

Lost and Found Opera exists to discover lost works and present them in found spaces that speak to the resonance of the work. It’s a brief that provides artistic directors Thomas de Mallet Burgess and Christopher van Tuinen with a unique context for the works they produce.

“We start from the premise that music and drama is a relationship not a competition,” explains Chris. “The ‘Lost’ part of the equation comes about from works that are rarely, if ever, performed. Mainly, this is because they don’t fit into the current model of a 1700 seat, lyric theatre presentation....

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