Romance was in the air as Irish singer proposes to girlfriend onstage at Welsh National Opera.

The third act of Wagner’s Lohengrin begins with the world’s most famous piece of wedding music but notoriously ends with the happy couple’s relationship in tatters. At a recent dress rehearsal for Welsh National Opera’s new production, chorus member Joe Roche decided to redress the balance by popping the question to his girlfriend live onstage.

Joe and fellow singer Polly Greenwood had both been freelancers until they were recently offered full-time positions as members of the WNO Chorus. Having realised their dreams as singers, Joe thought it was time to make their dreams come true by becoming man and wife.

“I had many sleepless nights worrying about proposing to Polly on the Lohengrin set in front of everyone”, said Roche, an Irishman with a romantic streak a mile long. “It's also a long, anxious wait throughout Wagner's masterpiece to get to the end!  The response we got from the audience and colleagues made it all worth it though – we are so lucky to be part of such a warm company. Oh yes, and the fact that she said yes!”

Wagner has never been known for his happy endings so this was rather a turn-up for the books. Oh, and not a swan in sight…