What are your earliest musical memories?

A memory that I am particularly fond of is when my mother would pick me up after school, and take me to rehearsals with her in what was back then Kulcha (Multicultural Arts of WA), a cosy venue upstairs on Fremantle’s famous Cappuccino Strip. She often collaborated with other migrant musicians, facilitated expertly by multi-instrumentalist Peter Keelan. There would be a tapestry of classical Indian singing, African rhythms, Peruvian pan pipes and Macedonian traditional song being created in the background whilst I did my maths homework in a corner. I am certain that it has left a significant subconscious mark on me.

Lina Andonovska Lina Andonovska. Photo: supplied

Who were the musicians who most inspired you growing up?

My teachers were always such important figures in my life. I have a deep gratitude to the Australian flute community, in particular Virginia Taylor, Margaret Crawford, Vernon Hill, Diane Riddell, Sally Walker and Mardi McSullea who mentored me early on and continue to provide guidance to this day. Another big inspiration was a group of humble music teachers at Perth Modern School, who challenged me to always remain curious about the...

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