The Chinese pianist asserts his street cred in this fascinating dubstep dance video.

Lang Lang’s new Chopin album launches on October 26, with a promotional video drawing together two very different artforms and audiences.

Filmed in a cavernous warehouse, the clip features the 31-year-old pianist in a high-octane performance of Chopin’s Ocean Etude Op 25 No 12, executed with his usual dramatic flair. He accompanies American hip-hop sensation Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott, boombox in tow, in a mesmerising, freeform dance (dubstep style).

Rather than drawing attention to the extreme contrast of the two styles, the cinematography beautifully captures the synergy between the two performers.

Does it work? You be the judge.

The Chopin Album – Lang Lang’s third release for Sony Classical – includes the second set of Chopin’s Études (Op 25), the Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise, alongside a selection of shorter works such as the popular Minute Waltz Op 64 No 1.


Frédéric Chopin
12 Études Op 25   
Nocturne in E-flat Major Op 55 No 2
Nocturne in F Major Op 15 No 1
Grande Valse brillante in E-flat Major Op 18
Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise Op 22   
Nocturne in C-sharp Minor Op posth (KK IVa/16)
Waltz in D-flat Major Op 64 No 1 Minute