Growing up in Wales, did you feel that a career in music was an inevitability?

You grow up in Wales with so much music and it’s definitely a thing that everybody does sing. You’ve got family getting up to sing at events and if you’ve got uncles in a male voice choir, they get together and sing at the Rugby or church. There is this massive heritage of song, but I think, for me, even though I grew up singing and from the age of four knew that that was the thing that made me really happy, I didn’t know anybody that took it further or did it professionally or worked in media or theatre. It felt like a dream and I was always preparing for reality. My mum and dad were always getting me to work hard in school and have a back-up plan. When I eventually got my record deal at the age of 23, my mum and I didn’t believe it. For the six months after signing the contract, we didn’t tell anybody because we thought it was going to get taken away. My mum would say, “but Katherine, things like this don’t...

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