Welsh Singer parts from her record label amidst claims that she was pushed after unreasonable demands.

Katherine Jenkins has parted company with Warner Music after five years and three albums. Parts of the British media have claimed that the popular singer and crossover artist had effectively been “dumped”, but Jenkins has been quick to jump on social media to point out that she had merely come to the end of her three-album agreement.

The 32-year-old mezzo signed a £5.8 million contract with Warner back in 2008, widely reported to be the biggest classical recording deal in history. But in a series of online messages she hit back at detractors and suggestions that Warners had dropped her as a result of falling sales and her expensive “diva demands”. Those demands, it was maintained, led to executives at Warners  deciding not to renew her contract partly because of the costs of styling, hair and make-up.

The negative stories came as a result of a “music industry source” who allegedly told Britain’s tabloid Daily Mail that: “Some estimates say she has lost the record company over £2 million. Her record sales are not doing well. £1,500-a-day on hair and make-up and styling is not an outrageous amount to spend on an artist, but only if they are selling lots of records. It wasn’t a motivating factor in the decision to part company, but it was a last straw.”

In reply, Jenkins said: “I can confirm that I’m moving record label as I've reached the end of my three album deal with Warners. I’m super excited about where I’m going next but am currently sworn to secrecy.” Taking to Twitter, she went on: "This is a happy time for me personally and as an artist so do not be concerned by nonsense reports in the press.” Jenkins went on to say she was “getting sick of all the hatred and venom…It’s totally unnecessary.”

Her final signoff last night read: “Well, it’s been a long day of rehearsals here in Japan. Time to take my £1,500 worth of make up and my diva demands to bed.”