If you cannot swallow a piece of food, turn round and throw it somewhere.” Erasmus, 1530.

Never tilt your chair back on two legs. Never push food onto a fork with your finger. Never eat with your mouth open.” Mrs Beeton, 1859.

What initially drew you to the idea of working with cutlery as a sound source?

Initially I thought cutlery might be a sonic area worth research and investigation. I’ve certainly used a lot of glass and glasses, goblets, bowls and metals in previous work, so perhaps cutlery is a natural extension of that. A lot of my pieces also start with a sort of visualisation – how does it look as it sounds, or how does the sound of it look? I always imagined these racks of pitched hanging cutlery framing the space, but I didn’t know what that would sound like. I would also say that some recent work has dealt with content issues regarding social etiquette, rules regulations and gestural syntax in non-verbal communication, ( What Hath2012 ; Self Accusation2013 ; Permission To Speak2016 ). Never Tilt Your Chairadds to this body of work.

Leah Scholes in Kate Neal's Never...

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