The triple-threat violinist is fluent in French, English and Japanese but is most proficient speaking ‘music’.

You’re coming back to Australia following your 2011 debut. What did you enjoy about Australia the first time and is there a part of the tour you are particularly looking forward to?

My first time to Australia was a visit to Sydney only. I was incredibly excited about getting to see – and to play! – at the Sydney Opera House, which I had only ever seen in pictures and documentaries. I couldn’t get enough of the beauty of the house against the water, I even booked a hotel room that had a view of the Opera House! I am so much looking forward to getting to see a more of Australia this time, continuing on after Sydney, to Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. I will have two free days between Brisbane and Perth, and am hoping to be able to explore some of the Australian nature. I’d love to go on a jungle tour, for example, but I’ll have to study the geography more carefully to see what is available close to where I will be.

You are performing less well-known works (the...

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