You were concertmaster in the Youth Orchestra of Zulia State, part of El Sistema, at age 11. What were the most important things you learned from those young experiences?

I think I would say that we learned and experienced the joy of making music together, alongside the discipline, passion and dedication that makes this art so unique.

What were the highlights of those years?

I remember vividly that first tour we did to play in our country’s capital; Maestro José Antonio Abreucame to the concert and I personally met him.

José Luis Gomez, ANAM, Bernstein Celebration José Luis Gomez. Photo © Anna Meuer

I understand you also sang in a heavy metal band. Did you have to choose between that and orchestral music?

Hahahaha. Well, let’s call it “singing”. I sure didn’t have to choose any kind of music as music was part of my family from the very beginning. My father is a professional musician and he imprinted in my brother and me a passion for orchestral music from the very beginning, but moreover for music in general.

After studying in New York, you had a career as a violinist, but what led you to explore...