Jocelyn Pook is one of the UK’s busiest composers writing music for the concert hall, theatre, dance, film and opera. Her numerous credits include the film scores for  Eyes Wide Shut and The Wife, which is currently in cinemas. She wrote the striking score with its choruses, solo voices and atonal melodies for Mike Bartlett’s play King Charles III, which came to Sydney Theatre Company in 2016. She has also written music for two dance pieces by Akram Khan, Dustand  DESH.

Pook also wrote the sublime, otherworldly score for Brink Productions’ Memorial, which had its world premiere at the 2018 Adelaide Festival. Directed by Chris Drummond, with choreography by Circa’s Yaron Lifschitz, the richly layered theatrical experience puts Alice Oswald’s poem on stage, which is a moving elegy for all 215 dead soldiers named in Homer’s epic poem the Iliad. Morse is joined by a 215-strong community choir and a group of 10 musicians and singers led by Musical Director (and counter tenor) Jonathan Peter Kenny. Combining instruments like oboe, shawm, clarinet and bells, along with Bulgarian and Macedonian vocals, the production is a transcendent experience.   Memorialis about to open at Brisbane Festival and then travels to London to the Barbican Centre....

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