Opera Queensland is about to embark on a regional Queensland tour with Songs To Die For, a performance described by the company as “a cheeky nod to the over-dramatised deaths of opera’s leading characters masterfully entwined with pop classics”. Presented by three of Opera Queensland’s leading artists – soprano Rebecca Cassidy, mezzo-soprano Jessica Low and baritone Jason Barry-Smith – Songs To Die For is a celebration of the end, brought to vivid life in a performance where Don Giovanni meets Highway to Hell. Jason Barry-Smithtalks here about the joys of regional touring:

“One of the great blessings of my artistic life has been that my career has coincided with the increased presence of Australia’s major performing arts companies throughout regional areas. I’ve toured with Opera Queensland to towns the length and breadth of my home state for over 20 years. This opportunity has enriched me and my colleagues immensely, and whether we’ve been performing, teaching, creating, or experiencing the talents of local artists, we’ve been touched by every community we’ve encountered.

With fewer opportunities to attend live performances than those of us who live in major cities, regional audiences are some of the warmest and most honest I’ve ever come across....

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