It’s a curious thing interviewing someone the week after you’ve critiqued them balancing their genitals on a bench in front of Pierre Bonnard’s The Bath. Izzac Carroll was one of the seven spirited members of Sydney Dance Company who fronted up to perform in Nude Live, an hour-long event that took place after hours at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of its Nude Art from the Tateexhibition. Winning a string of rave reviews, Rafael Bonachela’s site specific choreography was smart, funny and moving all at once, while Carroll stood out not just for his brave and brilliant dancing, but also for being easily the tallest dancer in the room.

Nude Live, Sydney Dance Company Sydney Dance Company in Nude Live. All photos © Peter Greig

This, I am told, will be the 19-year-old’s first interview, and thanks to my unusually intimate knowledge of his physique, I’m keen not to seem to have an unfair advantage over my subject. Rocking up nervously – me, not him – I find myself idly worrying that I might have to whip my clothes off to level the playing field. Luckily...

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