The German composer is not a fan of Bruckner but would like Lady Gaga to write classical music.

1) Three pieces of music you love

Stravinsky – Symphony of Psalms
Xenakis Jonchaies
John Adams
Naive and Sentimental music

2) Three recordings everyone should own

Bob Dylan Bringing it all back home
Marvin Gaye – Whats going on
Boards of Canada
Music has the right to children

3. Three musical heroes

Henry Purcell
Nick Drake
Glenn Gould

4. Three really underrated composers

Andrez Panufnik
George Crumb
William Duckworth

5. An underrated piece of music

Heirick Biber’s Partitas

6. Three pieces of music you could happily never hear again

Anything by Bruckner. Sorry Anton.

7. Your greatest concert experience

Kraftwerk playing Autobahn Live in 1980

8. Your favourite films

Harold and Maude
The Royal Tennenbaums
Dark Star

9. Your favourite books

James Joyce –  Ulysses
The Poetry of Keats
Murakami (anything)
Flaubert (anything)

10. Three favourite places in the world

The Isle of Mull, Scotland
MOMA, New York
Sitting at a piano anywhere

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