Find out why the German violinist waited until now to record Mozart’s Concertos.

You have recorded incredibly widely, what brought you to the Mozart concertos now?

I hesitated for a long time before deciding to record the Mozart concerti. I was thinking of which ensemble would be perfect. And musically there are so many things to decide. I have to admit that the recording was an incredibly intense one – and a beautiful one. It was a fantastic experience, but it was a good decision not to do it earlier. It proved to be an extremely fragile thing to record.

What made you want to collaborate with Italian ensemble Il Giardino Armonico?

I’ve been working with Giovanni Antonini for many years, with different ensembles, so I know him from different sides. I think he’s an extremely interesting musician. When he proposed to work together with his own group, that was a big honour. We were thinking of Mozart and his links to the Italian violin playing of his time. I thought this would be an interesting combination. I think the Italian temperament in the Mozart concerti has been pointed out in this recording.

Did you and Antonini have...

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