This July, school-aged musicians from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania gathered at Strathfield’s Santa Sabina College to immerse themselves in the world of historically informed performance. They spent a week in rehearsals and workshops for a showcase concert in Kenthurst, which saw them tackle challenging pieces like Beethoven’s CoriolanOverture, Reicha’s Second Wind Quintet and Haydn’s ‘London’ Symphony. Presented by the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra and run by co-artistic directors Nicole van Bruggen and Rachael Beesley, the Young Mannheim Symphonists Winter School is an invaluable opportunity for young players to get to grips with Classical and early Romantic style. The seed for the YMS was planted in 2014, when approximately 60 young musicians came together to play through the first movement of Mozart’s HaffnerSymphony under the guidance of the orchestra’s late Artistic Director Richard Gill.

Young  MannheimSymphonists with tutors. Photo © Nick Gilbert

Limelightspoke to two of the Young Mannheim Symphonists about their experiences in this year’s Winter School – 17-year-old cellist Rory McClelland and 19-year-old flautist Kristie Mui. Both were involved in Sydney Youth Orchestras, who recommended that they audition for the program. Mui was...

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