F acebook has been collecting our data and other organisations like Cambridge Analytica have been using it for their own purposes. What a surprise! Of course they have. I suppose it depends how much you reveal of yourself on a platform like Facebook and I am amazed at how people share the most intimate details of their health problems and break ups with such a wide audience of people. Facebook doesn’t exist in the natural world. You don’t find geese posting pictures on Facebook or bandicoots taking selfies, so we have a choice to be part of it, and how much to share with ‘friends’ or even distant acquaintances.

Guy Noble 

After the Cambridge Analytica revelations I thought enough is enough, they won’t make another cent of spooky surveillance advertising revenue out of me, so I just deactivated my account. Goodbye Mark-T-shirt-wearing-Zuckerberg. If I want to find out what a friend is up to I will ring them and ask. Better still, organise time to spend together.

There has been a lot of discussion about the effect of Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 US election. Did they...

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