I was watching a doco recently called The Science of Hypnosis, investigating the power of suggestion. A woman underwent root canal without anaesthetic, others used hypnosis to change their smoking or drinking habits. Whatever is going on it is a powerful tool. One Canadian researcher put it in a nutshell: “The words of another person are able to change what is going on in our brain and profoundly affect our physiology.” I experienced this on a tiny level when I was in Melbourne recently, rushing to the local Officeworks to print parts for an imminent series of concerts while also carrying scores to the MSO to conduct their Gala fundraiser with cabaret feline Meow Meow. I was just a tad stressed so went to get a coffee to perk myself up. A very bubbly girl took my order for a skinny flat white with one sugar and handed back my change with the words “Thanks beautiful”. Two little words and my mood changed completely. My reasoning brain knew I wasn’t actually beautiful that morning, what with the lack of sleep and the rushing about, and I doubt the girl meant the words literally. She probably says that to every male in order
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