Australia’s favourite conductor shares his seasons greetings.

To all readers of Limelight, irrespective of religious persuasion and beliefs, go the compliments of the season and the very best of wishes for 2015.

The most important things are:

– that your health remains as strong and as robust as possible;
– that you continue to read and enjoy Limelight;
– that you continue to find joy in music and all artistic pursuits.

In this edition I have prepared a listening list for each of the 12 Days of Christmas which some may find a little strange. I have tried to avoid the obvious, not because it’s obvious, but because you already know these things about Christmas music. So, I have sought music which often has a tenuous connection to Christmas but which may be, nonetheless, spiritual in and of itself or have something to do with the liturgical year.

There is an article on music education, which will come as no surprise to readers who are aware of my interest in this field. Next year marks 52 years for me of working as a teacher – and I still love teaching. I am never bored or fed up and find every student to be individual with special gifts and special things to say.

There is a round-table discussion with some emerging performers and composers to find out why the world doesn’t owe them a living. We want to hear just how they perceive their particular place in the world and how they intend to make their ways.

Thinking about music and education at this time of the year always gives me hope that things will change for the better. In 2015 this is going to happen! Keep those ears to the ground.