How young Aussie singers benefit from one of music’s more enlightened nurturing schemes.

If you arrive early for a performance at Glyndebourne you’ll likely witness a team of people beavering away in the gardens and the catering outlets. People can be seen scurrying from the scenery workshops to the backstage areas while others may be glimpsed sewing through the windows of the costume wardrobe. You may hear voices warming up, the odd singing lesson and even glimpse a member of the Christie family emerging from the organ room. Although discreet, the workings of the company are never hidden away and there are plenty of young people involved. Glyndebourne is a medium sized opera company with a summer season and an autumn tour. It has an unrivalled reputation for quality, providing some of the best opera experiences in the world. So what does a young singer get out of a season’s contract with the company?

Jerwood Young Artists 2013 rehearse Wakening Shadow. Photo by David Illman

Only in recent years has Glyndebourne started a small scheme for two to three singers per year, sponsored by the Jerwood Young Artist...

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