Bradley Kunda and Matt Withers from Brew Guitar Duo on their stunning new album of Australian guitar music Landscape.

You’ve chosen to name your second album Landscape – the title of one of the tracks. Is there a particular reason for choosing that title?

Bradley: The album title Landscapeis a direct reference to Robert Davidson’s evocative masterpiece, entitled Landscape. I was privileged to have Robert’s endorsement to arrange this work for two guitars from its original setting for guitar and string quartet. The work is a stunning evocation of the natural landscape surrounding the Glasshouse Mountains area in southeast Queensland, from which the composer drew inspiration. In Robert’s words, “there is a great variety of topography in Landscape’slandscape, including large placid lakes, ocean, wide plains, rainforest and scrubby bush. The music reflects this diversity with a range of contrasting textures.” Matt and I thought that the title Landscapenicely captured the overall vision of our disc, which, like Robert’s piece, is characterised by incredible diversity. When you look at the range of music on this disc, you’ll see that no two composers are writing in the same style; every piece is unique. In this way, Matt and...

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