The seed for The Space Betweenwas planted when composer Paul Grabowsky and I were performing together at the G20 Summit. We were in lockdown in a dressing room waiting for our turn because of the really high security, so we were stuck together for a couple of hours. He was sitting next to me on his computer doing something very intelligent and I think I was reading a Women’s Weekly. And all of a sudden I just said, “how come you’ve never written anything for me?” And he said “oh! Would you like me to write something for you?” And I said “yes! You’re one of the best composers I know.” And then I discussed with him the idea of doing something really different, slightly crossover and using our mutual friend Jamie Oehlers. Jamie is the king of jazz, the most amazing saxophone player and somebody I went to WAAPA with. He’s also someone Paul loves writing for and working with, but I didn’t hear about it again after our chat and so thought “nope, nothing will eventuate from this.”

Then about a year or so later, when I was rehearsing Voyage to the Moonwith...

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