What have been your favourite moments participating in the ACO Academy as soloist so far?

Truly, every rehearsal has been exciting and it’s difficult to choose one moment that surpasses the rest. My favourite moments were when I was facing the orchestra on the first day of rehearsal and I could really interact with every musician. It’s great fun to make eye contact with others in the orchestra and to share in our enjoyment of the music. This collaboration with other passionate musicians is something to miss in solo practise and repertoire. I have also really enjoyed listening to the interactions of the ACO musicians and their suggestions to the orchestra.

Emily SuEmily Su. Photo © Christie Brewster

What have been the most important things you’ve learned?

Throughout this experience, I have learned how to better communicate my ideas on interpretation to the orchestra. I have learned to communicate my intentions for the music both with my movements and also verbally. Furthermore, I have improved my awareness and control of my own tone in relation to the orchestra. In Vivaldi, there are sections where I play with the orchestra and I have learned to shift between a soloistic sound to better project and a blending sound for tutti sections.

How has working with Aiko Goto been?

As always, it has been an absolute honour and pleasure working with Aiko. She has such a love and enjoyment for the music and it has been a wonderful experience working together to create a lively and exciting performance of this great concerto. Aiko also has such beautiful sound and it has been inspiring to hear her demonstrate various parts of the concerto.

Aiko GotoEmily Su, Aiko Goto and the ACO Academy. Photo © Christie Brewster

What are the biggest challenges of performing Vivaldi’s La Tempesta as soloist?

The biggest challenge for me in this piece was finding my own interpretation of the music and using my imagination to bring out the interest in the harmony and figurations of Vivaldi’s writing. This piece is one of his lesser known violin concertos, so this was a chance for me to use even more creativity than usual and create a unique performance that has not been influenced by recordings of other performances.

How have you been preparing for this performance in your own practice?

Throughout the process of learning the notes and practising control of my sound quality, I have been constantly thinking of how I could make this concerto even more exciting and vibrant. This has been the most interesting but challenging aspect of my preparation for this performance. My teachers have been guiding me with their wisdom and experience, but they have also given me more freedom to find my own interpretation and develop my artistry.

What are you most excited about for the concert?

I am excited to finally share what the orchestra and I have been working on for the past few days and to share our love of music with the audience. I have enjoyed the rehearsals very much, but the performance is always a step up in energy, and I look forward to being within this wave of excitement expressing my love of the music.

Emily Su performs as soloist with the ACO Academy in a free concert at 6:30pm tonight at City Recital Hall