Ahead of Chamber 8’s Australian tour, the LA Philharmonic horn player shares his greatest on-stage fear.

The Australian World Orchestra’s Chamber 8 – eight of Australia’s finest musicians on the international stage – will tour the country in July. LA Philharmonic horn player Andrew Bain is the first of the eight to answer Limelight‘s Eight for Chamber 8.

Andrew Bain, Chamber 8

What is your favourite piece of chamber music and why?

Brahms’ Horn Trio – So fun to play and such a beautiful and emotive work. The combination of Horn, Piano and Violin has so many colour options that Brahms utilises perfectly. Also the horn part is wonderful and not too high!

Three little-known chamber works that deserve to be heard more often?

Françaix’s Octet for Winds and Strings.
Paul Juon’s Wind Quintet (think Strauss/Mahler and Wagner in a wind quintet – I recorded this with the New Sydney Wind Quintet several years ago and we all loved the piece).
Ravel’s String Quartet – I just love that piece! I can never hear it enough.

Three of the most inspiring conductors you have ever played under?

Gustavo Dudamel, Simon Rattle, Zubin Mehta – hard to argue with that trio…

What are the greatest pleasures to be had playing chamber music?

Direct musical interaction with your colleagues and the flexibility of every performance being different depending on where the mood of the evening takes you.

Three clichés about classical musicians that annoy you the most?

I can’t think of any – they’re probably all true!

A piece of chamber music you could happily never hear again?

Pachelbel’s Canon – in Wedding String Quartet form.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that could (or has) happened to you playing chamber music?

Walking on stage with my fly down – hasn’t happened yet but it’s a recurring nightmare.

The classical composer you would most like to play chamber music with and why?

Mahler – the symphonies feel like playing chamber music just on a huge scale so it would be fun to see what he would bring to the table.

The Australian World Orchestra’s Chamber 8 tours Australia July 24 – 31