Thoughts on the premature demise of an ensemble whose grand dreams were dashed against the rocks of financial reality.

It was an idea born of enthusiasm, idealism and delightful foolishness. The product of animated conversations between me and the rising star of the Australian conducting world Nick Carter, on our collective love of the Romantic-era repertoire. The seed for an orchestra performing Romantic period repertoire in a historically informed manner was sown in the spring of 2009. This orchestra was to be known as “Orchestra Romantique”, and would serve the concert-going public’s untapped desire for 19th-century music performed as closely as possible to the original style. We would present ourselves in small venues at highly appealing ticket prices. Programs were dreamed of, gut-strings discussed, vibrato debated and valve-less brass instruments sourced.

We were very fortunate to be joined at this early stage by the organisational force of nature that is Kim Traill, our general manager. Many other fine colleagues and friends donated their services in order to help sustain the dream. The orchestra’s name was registered, a board was formed and the team was joined by an enthusiastic clique of supporters, all...

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