The Chief Conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra shares his experiences of the great composer and conductor.

Chief Conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, David Robertson, shared a close personal friendship with Pierre Boulez, the great French composer, conductor and champion of contemporary music, who died yesterday aged 90.

Robertson was the first American to become the Music Director of Boulez’s acclaimed new music group, Ensemble Intercontemporain. He led this world-renowned institution from 1992 until 2000, working closely with Boulez throughout this tenure.

In a statement today, Robertson said, “Pierre Boulez was creative in the deepest sense of the word. His genius touched and continues to inspire a huge number of people. His engagement with the world of music altered its course. He is a singularity. His legacy will resonate through time.”

Before the composer’s death, Limelighteditor Clive Paget spoke to Robertson about Boulez’s extraordinary skill as a conductor.

David Robertson

Is there something that you could say is the root of Boulez’s greatness as a conductor?

Very easily, and it was something that I marvelled at after watching his rehearsals before I even...

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