Deported organist sounds off on Facebook after being held for seven hours before being sent back to Berlin.

Superstar organist Cameron Carpenter has let rip at UK Immigration officials after what he describes as a harrowing seven hours held in detention at Birmingham airport before being put on a plane back to Berlin.

Writing on his Facebook page, the flamboyant musician doesn’t hold back revealing that he was questioned and fingerprinted during his time in detention at the hands of “HM Border Force – or rather Tascor, the creepy, vague, Orwellian detention subcontractor they use to keep people awake in brightly lit rooms filled with tearstained children's toys and assorted religious texts.”

The organist arrived at 10:30pm and was escorted onto the 7:05am flight back to Germany the next day by armed police. “HM Immigration in Birmingham were totally unaware of the laws governing Permitted Paid Engagement,” he writes, explaining that those three words are “all artists entering the UK really need to know.”

Praising his management at International Artists who resolved the situation during his flight home, Carpenter was able to return to the UK after a quick shower and turn around in Berlin. “What would become of artists not so fortunate as I am to have such representation, I fearfully wonder”, he speculates.

Back in Birmingham he states that he was “detained AGAIN, but much more briefly – where finally the supervisor realized that I had the right to enter".

“I’m here in Birmingham, about 26 hours later. I’ve missed 66% of my practice time, which isn’t fair to the audience, but I will appear and NOT CANCEL OR POSTPONE TOMORROW.”

Posting a cheeky photo of a two-fingered salute next to the deportation envelope containing his passport the organist signs off with “I got your majesty’s service right here, pal. CC”.

If you're a musician who has ever fallen foul of badly informed immigration officials, let us know.