Australia’s international star composer discusses music, his relationship with the past, and his plans for the future.

Few classical musicians can profess to maintain a solid career in not one, but three specialisations. While he sees himself mostly as a composer, Brett Dean counts performing and conducting as part of his professional repertoire, making him a part of a rare breed of classical music ‘triple threats’.

He has returned to Australia to conduct the opening concert for ANAM’s 2014 season, among other projects, in what should be a cracking start to a very busy year for the award-winning composer.

His appointment as Composer in Residence at ANAM will make things even more hectic: “For me this will involve quite a few performances, including next week’s opening concert”, he says. “Then I’ll be back for a longer period in August, September and October, doing quite a few different things, including playing my Viola Concerto with Simone Young and the ANAM Orchestra.”

When he’s not engaged overseas, he’ll be partaking in a full schedule at ANAM. “When I can be here I’ll be working with students doing chamber pieces of mine, and mentoring them,” he says. “It’s very exciting.”

One of Australia’s most...

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