Australian jazz musician James Morrison, who plays the trumpet as well as numerous other instruments, is one of the artists featured on the 2019 BRAVO Cruise of the Performing Arts, departing from Sydney next month. He will be performing as part of a line-up that includes Bryn Terfel, Mark Vincent, David Hobson and Marina Prior among others. He spoke to Limelightbefore preparing to board.

James Morrison

Have you performed on many cruises?

I have done a few cruises; I do a thing each year called the Jazz Cruise which goes around the Caribbean but I’ve only done the BRAVO Arts cruise once before so it’s my second time. It’s obviously musically quite different and an amazing thing [to perform] with the orchestra. I think one of the highlights of it musically for the people coming along is also the chance to sing in the choir, under Jonathon Welch. I don’t know if many musical cruises offer [the chance to be] part of something like that.

You will perform with The Metropolitan Orchestra from Sydney, conducted by Guy Noble. Will you be taking any other musicians on board to perform with you?

Not many,...

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