Cello and classical guitar is quite a rare combination. What are the advantages or disadvantages in performing in such a duo?

Cello and guitar is a really wonderful combination of instruments, that allows for a wide range of timbral possibilities, and an ability to play a diverse selection of repertoire. One disadvantage of the instrumentation is that it has often been overlooked by composers, and as such there is not a large selection of works written for the ensemble. With the melodic and vocal qualities of the cello and the polyphonic nature of the guitar, we’ve been able to make our own arrangements, ranging from Bach’s solo keyboard works, to a set of songs by Falla, and even a Michael Jackson tune!

Boyd Meets GirlBoyd Meets Girl: cellist Laura Metcalf and classical guitarist Rupert Boyd 

On your upcoming tour are there any locations or favourite venues that you’re looking forward to visiting?

This tour is a truly national tour with concerts in every state and territory! We’re really excited to be performing in the major cities, but I’m also very much looking forward to performing in two places that I’ve never been before – Hobart and Alice Springs (with a short side trip to Uluru!).

In a tour covering a substantial part of Australia, what will be playing on the car stereo to keep you going in between performances?

Given the itinerary of the tour and the vast distances covered, we’re mostly flying between venues on this tour, with only a couple of short driving segments. On those we’ll be keeping up to date with The New York Times‘ podcast The Daily and we will be sure to tune in to ABC Classic FM. Other classic favourites for long drives are The Beatles, Radiohead and Paul Simon’s Graceland.

In what way is concert life different in America to Australia? 

The biggest difference I find is that Australia is just so much more spread out. In the US it is easier to route a tour where you can drive just a few hours to the next city, but in Australia it’s often a much further distance from one concert to the next. And coffee, while it is certainly improving in the US, is much better in Australia!

What should audiences expect from your album launch concerts?

On this tour we’re mostly playing selections from our new album, which includes favourites from the classical music canon, alongside pieces that are lesser known, but which we feel are equally deserving of attention. Our debut album has a diverse range of repertoire, so there should be something for everyone.

What’s next for Boyd Meets Girl?

In October we have our New York City CD release concert and then have been invited back to the Gharana Music Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal! Following that we plan to start work on some new repertoire, including planning for commissions of new compositions, in addition to making some exciting arrangements from the classical canon and beyond.

Boyd Meets Girl tour Australia until September 22.

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