From found music and fart noises to finding your voice, four emerging dancemakers embrace the chance to invent the new.

You probably couldn’t find a more diverse bunch of contemporary dancers than Richard Cilli, Shian Law, Rachel Arianne Ogle and Jesse Scales, but that’s the beauty of New Breed, the inventive collaboration between Sydney Dance Company and Carriageworks that enables four emerging – sometimes even virgin – dancemakers to create brand new pieces on members of Sydney Dance Company. Now in its third iteration, the latest showing is due in late November and promises to be a fascinating evening of diverse music and dance.

Perth-based Rachel Arianne Ogle is a dance artist whose aim is to harness kinaesthetic movement allowing intricate, elastic dynamics to manifest through the body for performer and audience. Her 2014 original work precipicesaw her collaborating with musician Luke Smiles and lighting designer Benjamin Cisterne and was a hit at State Theatre Centre WA. Jesse Scales – who was Helpmann-nominated for her 2015 feature role in William Forsythe’s Quintett– and Richard Cilli, on the other hand, as current members of Sydney Dance Company are both more used to working with choreographers than creating work...

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