An open letter from Harbour City Opera’s Artistic Director, soprano Sarah Anne Walker.

Imagine for a moment that you’re walking down the street. Suddenly, you hear the most glorious music and the sound of singing coming from a house you’re about to walk past. You stand there listening and basking in this beautiful sound. Perhaps this voice, and music, sends you within yourself allowing visions and memories to arise. Eventually, a single tear rolls down your cheek as you submerse yourself in the moment.

As you peer in to see where the singing is coming from, you get a glimpse of the singer – a large woman. She isn’t what you thought she’d look like. She is nowhere near the ideal weight that society expects her to be. Has what you experienced just become less intense because she isn’t what you expected to see? Has the moment that she touched your soul been erased because she wasn’t a size 8?

There has been so much discussion over the last 24 hours about the reviews that rather blatantly pulled a talented young mezzo apart because of her body shape. My heart breaks for Tara Erraught as she is now forced to...

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