Australia’s 21st-century string quartet reveal the whiteboard of dreams and the harpsichord of shame.

It’s heading for another day in the upper 30s as I swing off of North Terrace and into the hallowed halls of Adelaide Uni to meet the Australian String Quartet and sit in on a rehearsal for their next gig. The good news is the practice room is deliciously chilled – as cool as the ASQ itself. The four players who comprise the latest line-up of the string quartet with more regenerations than Dr Who are hard at it as I arrive. “We usually have to turn the air-con off,” says violist Stephen King, “but on the 43 degree days it’s perfect”.

A quick glance around the room reveals some intriguing features, not the least of which is a whiteboard where someone has clearly been brainstorming future plans. “It’s more of a wish list,” I’m told. The Bartók cycle I’m allowed to mention but the touring plans are still up in the air – you’ll have to wait and see. There’s also a harpsichord buried deep in sheet music, incomplete sets awaiting the last recalcitrant instrumentalist to return their copy before being bundled off...

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