The country’s favourite soprano chats to Limelight’s editor about repertoire, the state of the profession and the Opera Review.

Congratulations on winning LimelightArtist of the year. Was that a surprise?

Yes! [Laughs] Honestly, I saw the people I was up against and thought, “Oh look, I’ve not really done very much this year, so I don’t really have a chance”. But I’m so thrilled, I really am. It’s lovely. Thank you so much!

Obviously, you diddo something this year. You released a new album, which has been incredibly well received and topped the charts. Would that be the highlight of the year for you?

It’s definitely been the highlight. I’m very proud of it. I think the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra sound incredible, and I’m super thrilled with all that Andrea Molino brought to the recording. I’ve been so lucky with the recordings I’ve done, and this is the best one yet, I feel. Also two seasons of Pearlfishers, has been very special for me, and especially to have done it in my home town, with my first opera company, West Australian Opera, on my first stage at His Majesty’s. That was terrific.

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